Award Bookings

Have you found it challenging to redeem your hard-earned miles and get the most from your miles? Are you trying to maximize the value of your miles?

We have extensive experience dealing with all major frequent flyer programs and credit card programs and have booked awards worth over 100 million miles over the years.

Fee Structure:

The consulting fee for most tickets is $150USD per person per booking.

(Fees are subject to GST/HST for Canadian residents)

How It Works:

  • you send us your trip information (i.e. desired destination, dates, number of travellers, desired class of service) and the balance in your frequent flyer account(s)
  • we will assess the feasibility of your plans and conduct a comprehensive search for award availability
  • we will provide you with an overview of the best options available, along with the pros and cons of each option
  • if necessary, we will discuss possible alterations to your trip (such as whether departing a day earlier would work for you)
  • since award availability changes constantly, it is assumed that you are ready to book
  • the consulting fee for most tickets is $150USD (+ GST/HST, if applicable) per person per booking and is only charged if we succeed in finding an award that meets all the criteria discussed (i.e. an award to your desired destination on one of your preferred dates in the desired class of service etc.)
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